【Result Report】 30 SUNFLOWERS sold for HK $115 million, Sotheby's Contemporary Art Evening Sale set a record with total turnover of HK $595 million

Modern And Contemporary Art Evening Sale
Christie's Hong Kong
10 Jul 2020, 18:30
18 Chater Road 22nd floor Alexandra House The James Christie Room, 22nd Floor Hong Kong

One: A Global Sale Of The 20th Century
Christie's Hong Kong
10 Jul 2020, 20:30
18 Chater Road 22nd floor Alexandra House The James Christie Room, 22nd Floor Hong Kong

In this hot July, spring auctions of major auction houses come one after another. On 9 July, 2020, Hong Kong modern and contemporary art auctions have gathered worldwide treasures of multiple classic artists on "「Modern Art Day Sale」" and "「Contemporary Art Evening Sale」" of Sotheby’s and "「20TH CENTURY & CONTEMPORARY ART & DESIGN DAY SALE」" of Phillips. Modern and contemporary art has brought HK$ 722 million. Please follow ArtPro to review the brilliant result of the auction!

Hammer-dropping Moment of 30 Sunflowers by David Hockney

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Contemporary Art Evening Sale

"Contemporary Art Evening Sale" of Sotheby’s is led by prominent works of David Hockney and Liu Ye, and also includes a series of works of world-renowned western and Asian artists. The total turnover reaches HK$ 595 million – a new high after last year’s HK$ 538 million. Among them, 30 Sunflowers by David Hockney, sold for HK$ 150 million, sets its highest record in Asia. Also, another 13 pieces of lots sold for more than ten million Hong Kong dollars contribute to a sold-by-lot rate of 93.8%, impressively and remarkably!

Most Expensive TOP5

30 Sunflowers of David Hockney, with no doubt, is the pearl of the saleroom. With estimating price upon for request, the bid is opened by the auctioneer with HK$78 million, and sold for HK$115 million after several minutes’ fierce competition, leaving a dazzling result for the evening sale.

Ph-306 by Clyfford Still has the second expensive estimating price (HK$ 54,000,000-84,000,000) of the auction, which has been given great attention since the beginning of the preview. Sold for HK$64 million.

The estimating price of Liu Ye’s Leave Me In The Dark is HK$ 25,000,000 - 35,000,000. Different from the previous red background, this work brings HK$45.34 million for its unique art feature – XX times over the estimating price, ascending into Liu Ye’s most expensive TOP 10 list, becoming his TOP 2 – a new upsurge of the artist!

Three Stars painted in 2014 by Yoshitomo Nara is from a special series with the theme of the golden four-pointed star. There are only four works in the series. The work is painted on canvas, depicting a little girl with a sly and cynical attitude. It has an estimating price of HK$ 26,000,000-36,000,000, and finally sold for HK$28.97 million.

Estimated at HK$ 22,000,000 – 35,000,000 and sold for HK$ 26.57 million, Chitaisei Honkōshin by Kazuo Shiraga successfully goes into the artist’s personal TOP list, becoming his most expensive TOP 9 – a continuity of his good score in 2019.

Three Dark Horses Renew Artists’ Auction Record

Apart from eye-catching works of high prices, three shining dark horses have also made their showy display by renewing their personal auction record of highest price at one stroke, with every piece of lot sold exceeding the estimating price.

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Modern Art Day Sale

"Modern Art Day Sale" of Sotheby’s Hong Kong gathers 140 fine pieces of eastern and western art, bringing a total turnover of HK$56.65 million (sold-by-lot rate of 88.6%), with many classic masterpieces performing excellently.

Top1 Highest Turnover of the Auction

Fille Au Balcon by Tsuguharu Foujita is extimated at HK$ 2,600,000 – 5,000,000, the highest among all lots in the saleroom. The girl in the picture is calm and elegant, and her ivory skin well shows the artist’s exquisite skills. It’s sold for HK$3.5 million.

Top2 Highest Turnover of the Auction

Another painting Maternité by Tsuguharu Foujita, sold for HK$3.25 million, ranks Top2 in highest price of the auction. The painting depicts a goddess with gentle and peaceful facial expression, in whose hands lies a Christ child with eyes full of the light of hope. With intimacy and warmth scattered over the whole picture, it indicates the extraordinary artistic skill of the artist in details.


"20TH CENTURY & CONTEMPORARY ART & DESIGN DAY SALE" of Phillips Hong Kong has gathered works of famous eastern and western contemporary artists including Liu Ye, Yayoi Kusama, Kaws, and Yoshitomo Nara. With 142 lots up for auction, the total turnover reaches HK$7.83 million, with a sold-by-lot rate of 92.1%.

Top1 Highest Turnover of the Auction

Girl! by Liu Ye becomes the most expensive TOP1. Estimated at HK$ 3,800,000 – 4,800,000, it’s sold for HK$ 7.83 million. While showing innocence and romance at first sight, but it’s armed with weapon on the back. Also, its cynical image intrigues infinite thinking of the audience.

Top2 Highest Turnover of the Auction

Wheels Go Round by Yoshitomo Nara is one of the artist’s classic fine pieces. The girl depicted shows indifference in her eyes, while innocence and evil always appear in the artist’s works at the same time. The estimating price is HK$ 2,000,000 – 3,000,000, and the turnover is HK$ 3.75 million.

Conclusion: As good news continuously heard from major auction houses, 2020 spring auctions are still ongoing, and masterpieces of more artists are up for auction with brilliant performance. ArtPro will continue to focus on the auction market, and bring you more efficient auction information. Learn more about special sales, please click “View Auction” and check out!

Contemporary Art Evening Sale
Sotheby's Hong Kong
9 Jul 2020, 19:00
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai Hong Kong

Modern Art Day Sale
Sotheby's Hong Kong
9 Jul 2020, 14:30
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai Hong Kong

20th Century & Contemporary Art And Design Day Sale
Phillips Hong Kong
9 Jul 2020, 13:30
JW Marriott Hotel One Pacific Place 88 Queensway Hong Kong